Why Modi can be dangerous?

Crazy oration, charisma Indian politics has never seen,
He’s powerful than Nehru ever thought of being.
You might be from left, maybe from right,
You can question his stances but not the tyrannous might.
The question of the decade is,
Can we /should we see it coming?

“Talking about the guy who..”

If I were writing this article on any day prior to May 2014, I would have started with “Who is Modi?” Or maybe “What Makes Modi worthy of being the centre of an article such as this?” But thanks to his phenomenal diplomatic skills and it’s widespread audience around the globe, he really established India as a nation of ‘Diplomatic and Economic significance. We’re talking about a guy who ended the reign of the most dominant Indian political family in 2014, and nearly slaughtered their political career in 2019. (Yeah, The Indian National Congress)
The Indian Prime Minister (and the BJP of course) won with a sweeping mandate in the Lok Sabha elections ‘19 netting over 300 seats on its own. 
The BJP emerged as the single biggest party, yet again.

Modi in his post victory rally after the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections
Modi in his post-victory rally after the 2019 Lok Sabha Elections

It did take a fair share effort from the BJP to establish him as ‘The Big Thing’ considering he was accused of being one of the brains behind the 2002 Gujarat Massacre, and it stuck with people. But now, he is considered “The Hercules of the Decade” (at least by some folks). That can seem laughable/irritating or maybe far-fetched but look at what Modi is accredited to? Scrapping off the ‘Article 35A’ and ‘Article 370’ with inputs of Amit Shah. This has been on his personal manifesto before even formation of BJP, that is at the time of Janata Party. 

Modi in his early protest against Kashmir's Article370.
Modi in his early protest against Kashmir’s Article370.

‘Operation Raahat’ where we rescued over 5500 Indian and Foreign nationals from a legitimate active warzone. These included over 950 citizens from 41 countries which did not have the capability to carry out such a mission. Triple Talaq: The issue that was the elephant in the room and the nation couldn’t see it (Apparently, the elephant was wearing a burkha). The NDA led govt brought The Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill, 2019 in a bold move which might/will take a blow in the elections. Demonetisation and GST who are yet to prove their worth to the crowd are one of the ambitious moves as well. If not anything, this Modi led government has got spine. They take some pointy decisions and hardly care about how it looks on the front page of a morning daily (which is definitely a problem).

“He has got zero political resistance..”

But these instances just prove that Modi is undaunted, the worry factor is that he hardly gets any resistance. He has got zero political resistance and I am not even exaggerating. The next big political party, Congress, after Rahul Gandhi’s resignation, is functioning without a leader.

Rahul Gandhi addressing the public in a rally.
Rahul Gandhi addressing the public in at a rally.

All they’re doing right now is trying to lift their fallen guard while stepping over the capable and young leaders in the name of Jyotiraditya Scindia and Sachin Pilot. Amidst watching their coalitions fail (thanks to Amit Shah), they are too busy waiting for the good ‘ol days to come back. Congress is losing its popularity by the hour. During the elections, Congress was lucky enough to preserve its position of being a National Party, thanks to good/acceptable results from the south. And their miserable position has given Modi a comfortable position to comfortably rise in popularity, though looking at Congress’s recent stances, it does not seem like a bad thing.

Modi has grown into a “People’s Leader”. While some say that he appeals to the crowd Sometimes it seems like a greater lot has submitted to him, and that makes the situation scary!

“People still don’t admit that he was wrong..”

The crazy oration, flamboyant theatrics makes it tough for the people to see behind the picture. With impeccable marketing, questioning him on any platform without being tagged as a #UrbanNaxal or #AdarshLiberal is really tough. Horrifying is the fact that he has held the population such magnetically spellbound, that people still can not admit that Demonetisation was a wrong decision.

Narendra Modi gets votes on his face value. Rather than voting their own representatives to the assembly, the people have voted for their candidates thinking that he/she represents Modi in their constituency. And the victory of politicians to the likes of Kuldeep Sengar, Hans Raj Hans proves testimony to the fact stated above.

If the victory of this kind of people does not amaze you, search about the election campaign of Sunny Deol. It’s funny how he carried a handpump in most of his rallies, with nearly zero successful political debates under his belt, still securing a seat.

Sunny Deol holding on to a handpump during his election campaign.
Sunny Deol holding on to a handpump during his election campaign.

What is frightening that a person this mighty is unchecked with no opposition, and having his number two as good as him, is not what it takes to clamp a nation? This situation paves a perfect way for someone to step over democracy and celebrate along the way, but it hasn’t happened until now (or has it).

But the question of the hour is “Can we/should we see it coming?”

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